I Like a Teacher My Colour

We all know race and ethnicity as terms used to categorize populations on the basis of shared characteristics and the amount of melanin you are biologically swimming in.

In some cases this is great, in others – not so much. In the last few months, things have been hectic in the educational sphere of life.

So, amidst all these fire flames emoji vibes, I took to calling my mate in the USA to see if they’re also backing us up on his side (as a permanent resident of the twittersphere, we complain a lot that Americans don’t jump on the support bandwagon for our matters as hard as we do for them) and basically this is what popped off:

He says that learning would be more effective if racial segregation was implemented.

.. Heh?

Learning would be more effective if I, as a Nigerian-Zulu young lady was taught by a Nigerian Zulu person – or if you want to broaden this paint brush, taught by another dripped-in-chocolate-sauce human being. Why though? How does that even make sense?

We’re outchea engaging in interracial relationships, learning how to speak Mandarin, watching Igbo African Magic movies with subtitles because we don’t understand the language and even letting ‘Die Stem’ stay as a cute memory of the very act we’re trying to avoid in this country and someone says ‘segregate’.


Now, I may have ovary-acted a little too early while he was speaking, so after I took my pain killers I was sedated enough to listen to the young man. The rationale behind this line of thought is that it’s easier to relate to someone who is sorta – kinda just like you. Who better to teach you about you – than you? Learning about Mfecane at school? Meneer Van Riebek Strand der Merwe  probably can’t help you much.

Between having to decipher if he’s saying mfe’sane or fisin’ , its gonna get a little boring and the potency of this powerful subject is lost. However, in walks Malume Ndlovu teaching you about MfeCANE, you already know it’s about to pop off. You already know.

So although in a social context, we are trying to integrate more and be one with each other because hippies work so hard at trying to get this narrative out there (shout out), maybe in an educational context it would be best to stick to ‘our own’. Not only so we can maximize what we get out of the education system, but also ‘coz it allows us retain to some of our own culture that is being so quickly westernized. Maybe he made a little sense ? Maybe.




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