Life Goals Gone Wrong

As we are all aware, being a celebrity comes with perks that are greater than a 7 color Sunday lunch. Now, imagine being the First Lady of a country – it’s probably all around lituation ..

Unless you are Melania Trump.

Exclusive and prestigious designers have refused to dress the former porn star because her vibe is just not what they’re trying to represent or be associated with. The fact that she’s a model and thrives more in circumstances that do not require a speaking role is not the main focus for these designers, it’s really more that she appears to have no back bone.

Surely when Donald trump was practicing speeches and getting his team to do research or whatever, she must have walked past his elaborate study room and heard his smack and been like “ hayi bayps. Sugeza. That’s so rude”.

 But alas – no such retort.  So it’s for that reason that no one was all the way surprised that she plagiarized a whole speech and she wasn’t as big a part in campaigning for her baes presidency the same way King Michelle Obama was for Barack. If there was ever a kind of disrespect for her, trust that a new level has just been unlocked *cues dragon ball Z theme song*


That aside though, we’ve seen that no quacks are given by her about this presidential vibe and still we expect a lot from her before the term has even started. Is it even fair that politics is being made her business when she probably wanted nothing more than to be a super model with a couple of Victoria secret shows under her belt? Of ocourse not. In fact, this lowkey probably means that she has to give up any 5 year plan drafts that she had model wise because anything she does that is not First Lady like will ruin the image of the president bae.

Now she’s outchea losing out on beautiful outfits and will probably never be a first choice for make up or jewelry endorsements all because her man is Trump. Lol, hectic.

And to think that he was probably just a sugar daddy that caught the feels and locked her down with a couple of hella expensive gifts and now she’s stuck in there forever coz money talks louder than she does.


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