Shifted Focus

I have quite a few foreign friends, so sometimes from time to time well sit and talk about how nice South Africa is as opposed to their respective war-torn, corruption saturated countries (lol, that’s how they describe it, not me).

Very often, someone will come through with comments such as ” South African have too many rights. “ or ” What you get away with here, could cost you your life in my home state “. How hectic.

There is a high chance that other African states view South Africa as the spoilt sugar baby of the western world and that is why we have the nerve to complain when the government doesn’t build houses for us or doesn’t all the way prevent load shedding. How dare the government  disrespect us South African citizens like that. Lets not look at the fact that at least we get a timetable, we know when to expect an early lights out – apparently Nigeria and Angola aren’t provided that courtesy. Its  Telemundo at 7pm and 10 minutes in , darkness.

and more darkness.

Now they must wait for the omnibus on Saturday. If they even get that.

Moving along though, the chat does goes on and although I knew this, it was quite hardcore to hear it from an actual former resident of that territory. ” talking smack about your president gets you a death warrant “ – you hear that ? Death.

What does talking smack about not just the president, but our entire political body get you ? Nothing, lol.

.. But they are having a look at giving you a minimum of three years jail time.

That’s right ladies and gentlemen, there are talks of having your salty ass jailed for three years if you talk smack about politicians.

If you have not been aware, over the last couple of months, from about June 2016 there have been open discussions from independent bodies that assist in policy sructuring  in our country , about hate speech and hat constitutes as hate speech. The South African Liason Office recently held a forum discussion in Loop street, Cape Town about this very topic and have finally come to a much clearer idea of what constitutes as hate speech.

31st Jan 2017 – the final day for the broader public to have their say and comment on ANC’s suggested “hate speech”law otherwise known but its actual name, the Prevention and Combating of Hate Crimes and Hate Speech bill.

So basically , in a nutshell ” the proposed law will criminalise – as in, send to prison – anyone who says “racist” things (such as Penny Sparrow’s infamous Facebook post) or ridicules the president” (, 2017)

‘ Dubula iBhunu’ , a term which directly translates to ‘Shoot the Boer’ in Zulu was banned in 2011 under the guise of hate speech becasue 1, it degraded Afrikaaners and 2, it made the effort to inite harm.

Key words being Incite Harm – even at the talk provided by SALO, the emphasis was on ‘incite harm’ – not harm feelings. We are yet to find a report that there is a planned assasination on Jacob. If there is , please share the link so I can be put on to Woke Levels.  Jacob and squad hurt our feelings everyday – everyday. my water bill and varsity fees are lit –  we can spend 50million on #PaidTwitter but not on student finance matters. Im shook. Im all the way flipping hurt. Jacob. But we soldier on


‘coz crying will cause dehydation and then i need to drink water which will then add to the bill. whoo, i can’t.

What we do to Jacob Zuma, in effect is not hate speech – it is expressing an opinion of distaste to the actions that he performs (Some have argued that what Penny Sparrow did was not hate speech either, it was an expression of distaste). Valid, but what is being critiqued majority of the time is not his race, it’s his competance – of possible lack thereof.

Jokes are made that he’s not qualified enough, rational enough, smart enough or even woke enough to lead the country. Not that he’s ‘failing’ at it becasue he’s black. Those who assert that his race is the reason all is the way it is, should have a look at Donald Trump and Vladimir Putin to see who the bigger arses are in this match.

According to Jacobs office, bad commentary about him is hate speech and the cartoons are included as well. As asserted by, “the speech bill that expands the definition of hate speech and criminalize criticism of politicians, making it possible to be jailed for three years for mocking the president.”

My random guess: This just looks like Jacob trying to show Jose Eduardo Dos Saantos and Robert Mugabe (and all the other African presidents who do this) that he can play in their league too by commanding respect. Except he’s still not in their league ‘coz they kill people for this kinda shxt , lol. 2016-hatecrimes-hatespeechbill


hayi, chizoba, that was uneeeded, you didnt have to say that


The cornerstone of SA is free speech, so now for Sir President to pull up and say ” Nah ouens, no more dismayed expressions  ’bout the boi” removes the responsibility of him having to own up when he messes up . If you are in the presidents good books and payroll are you ever going to tell him he’s messed up ?

Of course you are .. not going to do that because bills need to be paid and flights need to be flown in and futures need to be secured.

When this bill was brought about , it wasn’t to protect Jacob and squad , it was about protecting the people on the ground who actually got physically hurt through things that were said to them and about them whether it be their race, gender orientation or religion. – I just thought that criminalizing  critique against the president takes away from the real matters on the ground that the bill was created to remedy, such as homophobic suggestions of abuse and harm as well as transgender abuse – which might we add, is alot more gruesome than that of the drawings that our state house is trying to ban.

Feel free to disagree with me.



*The bill is attached to this post courtesy of




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