5 Lessons From #SONA2017


We can all agree that according to social media, 2016 was is hectic year – but how fortunate are we that as early as February,  we are able to witness in its raw form, the ideal ways to manage pressure. #Blessed

Thanks to Twitter , humbly presented below are 5 ways to handle pressure in 2017

1.Expand your vocabulary.  It helps you express yourself a lot more accurately. Whether the language is suited for it or not , is irrelevant. Random example : ” We cannot hold imenemene as a role model “. The fact that we heard a Zulu word in an English sentence on national television is no matter at all. Laat  dit ruk, sthandwa.

2. According  to @SK_MCHUNU ,  being a nice guy matters. He observers something crucial  – despite being shuffled and handled  by security,  Ndlozi kept a polite smile and maintained some chit  chat.  Most times security guards will break the rules with  you if you provide into ebhandayo and a nice chat.  Don’t  burn your bridges out of anger. Nobody likes a hot head.

how are you kids Japhta? they  good? HEYYYY Marvin,  my man. I can’t hear you rn , noise famo.  I’ll whatsapp you , yeh? Yehh.

3. You have the right to chuck people out the squad. King Ndlozi said it and we concur. Study  groups , stokvel , VIP table at the club , whatever. It’s your house – bakhiphe! Haal hulle uit. Smaller circles move more efficiently  anyway.

4. People are not always interested in your aspirations , they just want to know the action plan so when it doesn’t come to fruition,  they know where critique from first.  Julius Malema exposed that  Baleka Mbethe slaughtered a cow ‘ and still got dumped’ . Did she really slaughter a cow ? Is this a malicious conspiracy?   We’ll never know – but we’re thinking about it and all that effort just to be dumped. Hectic.

5. If you really , really cannot handle the vibe and the people around you are just not co operating in the way you want – its okay to say what you feel.

Some opt for polite but affirmative expressions such as , ” I’m displeased ” , while others say ” Fuck you ! ” , straight up. People got called dogs in Parliament during the address , ‘coz they know.

Its a dog eat dog world out there.




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